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Road Dust Control Application

Stabilize Roads and Reduce Repair Costs

  • Compacting and stablizing road surfaces making for better driving condition requiring fewer repairs leading to lowering maintenance costs for roads and equipment.

Cleaner Air, Cleaner Enviroment

  • Keeping dust out of the air by reducing fugitive dust emissions by 50-70% by keeping it where it belongs leading to a cleaner and healthier enviroment.

Improved Visiblity

  • Keeping windblown dust out of the air in high traffic areas helping prevent costly accidents and keeping playing children safe.

Low Cost Alternative to Paving

  • Keeping unpaved roads in excellent condition and lengthening the time between time consuming and costly repairs.

Bulk Delivery

Dust Control


  • Our trucks roll right through the tough Montana winter weather delivering liquid de-icer across the state

Applying liquid magnesium chloride for dust control is a very simple process.

Magnesium Chloride absorbs moisture from the air to maintain optimum moisture in the road particles.

This hygroscopic effect provides much more dust suppression per gallon than water.

The roadway should be freshly graded, eliminating all the potholes and washboards.

The dust control material will set your road and help to keep these problems at bay.

Before application, roads need to be watered so that the water reaches down two to three inches into the road base.

This will help draw the dust control material into the road for a better binding.

The standard application rate for liquid magnesium chloride is .5 gallons per square yard.

Application rates may vary depending upon the job and traffic usage.

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